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Post Soviet

So I went to Russia but I don’t really want to talk about it. I certainly don’t want to write any poetry about it or anything. But I feel like I can’t blog about anything until I acknowledge that I went to Siberia.

It mostly looked like this:

Siberia: Drunk and gray

People drink a lot and they don’t smile. It was cold. Sounds like what you’d expect, right? It wasn’t too terrible, though.

Anyway, now that I’ve got that off my chest I can blog about all the other things on my mind like the Times Square bomb attempt, Goldman Sachs, and why white people in Cairo talk about their taxis all the time. Stay tuned.


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Da Bears

Did you know that “Medvedev” is the genitive plural form of “bears” in Russian?

Putin Bear and baby bearPutin and Medvedev

Also, “the bear was taken up as the symbol of The United Russia Party, which at present dominates political life in Russia,” according to Wikipedia.


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