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HR 1297 passes!

The resolution we have all been waiting for. The House passed yesterday Resolution 1297, which celebrates the “goals and ideals of Craft Beer Week.” This is a true victory for American beer drinkers. It’s good to see that the beer lobby is finally accomplishing something. The representative, from Colorado, who wrote the resolution, called it a “no brainer.” I concur.


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The Times (UK) asks the tough questions

like, “Are Nile feluccas safe?

Yup, this is pretty much what Egypt looks like all the time.

A British tourist drowned in Upper Egypt when his felucca capsized during last week’s floods, which is, of course, why the Times cares. Basically, they just say “be careful.” Not that interesting.

I haven’t done a multi-day felucca trip in Upper Egypt (yet), but I’m a huge fan of felucca rides. For about ten dollars you can take them for a cruise around the Nile right in the middle of Cairo. Bring some snacks and some beers and you’re set. There are actually very few things I enjoy more than taking a peaceful nighttime ride on a sailboat around the main artery of this massive city.

And, now that the Times told me to, I’ll be careful!


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Happy Hour Post #2 (from Cairo, that is)

I’ve been listening to a lot of Springsteen and Springsteen rip-offs recently. That’s why this week’s video of The Hold Steady rocking the fuck out in Brooklyn a few years ago:

If you need me I’ll be passed out in the bathroom of a downtown bar, just like The Hold Steady would want me to be.

Have a good weekend.

(That part about being passed out was a joke.)


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An unfortunate meme

Here’s a pretty ugly video that’s been circulating on many of the blogs that I read.  It shows a bunch of drunk, stupid American Jews in Israel incoherently trashing President Obama and his Muslim sympathies.

For someone like Phil Weiss or As’ad Abu Khalil this, can be pointed to and treated like a serious example of Zionist racism or Jewish chauvinism or whatever.  But let’s be honest here. Drunk assholes are drunk assholes and you can find them anywhere in the world saying equally stupid things. I remember seeing a lot of these types when I was in Jerusalem, nineteen year olds stumbling down Ben Yehuda Street trying to pick fights and hitting on other people’s girlfriends.  They are not worth making a point out of.

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This is nothing what my spring break will look like, but it got your attention, didnt it?

This is nothing what my spring break will look like, but it got your attention, didn't it?*

Sorry loyal readers, but I’m going on vacation for a few days for spring break.  There will be neither wet t-shirt contests nor hot tubs in the off-season, Midwestern tourist town where we’ll be hanging out.  Nor will there be internet.  Expect posting to resume as scheduled in five or six days.  Peace.

*I found that photo after Googling “spring break cancun.”  It comes from, believe it or not, ABC News photo slideshow of SB08.  Weird.

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When this happens in Las Vegas it’s not news, but in Israel-Palestine it’s a pretty good story.  (Via the Palestine News Twitter Feed.)  A Tel Aviv stripper got drunk on Thursday night and woke up in Ramallah on Friday morning.

Palestinians called the offices of the Civil Administration Friday morning and reported that an Israeli woman in her twenties was seen at the heart of town. “They said that she didn’t quite understand what was going on,” said Major Shadi Seif of the Ramallah District Coordination Office.


“She smelled of alcohol, was confused and said that she left a strip club in Tel Aviv last night and got into a car with several men. She doesn’t remember anything that happened after that, only that she woke up this morning in Ramallah, and even this she only found out after several minutes,” Seif said.

Luckily she was fine.  It’s dangerous when anyone gets wasted and wakes up somewhere without remembering what happened.  I suppose it’s probably a little more dangerous if you are an Israeli woman and you wake up in Ramallah.  It’s still a pretty good story.

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Graphs can be fun and not even in a nerdy way

If you haven’t seen Wallstats, you really should.  Jess Bachman makes graphs.  Really fucking cool graphs about all kinds of things.  The most famous is about death and taxes, but the most recent graph is about a subject particularly close to my heart: Beer.

This is my favorite in the series on beer.  Jess writes: “Of course the US beer industry is a juggernaught. Ranking around 35th on the global GDP list, our beer sales rival nations.”

AThe rest of them are good too.  I suggest that you subscribe to the RSS.

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