Canada gets the Egypt treatment

And you thought Tim Sebastian’s analysis of the Middle East’s problems through the lens of Cairo traffic was stupid? Well, this time, the New York Times, in honor of the Winter Olympics, turns its essentializing gaze towards our northern neighbors.

Theirs is a vast country that in many ways is run like a small town, with small-town values, and it has a highly developed culture of modesty, if not a collective inferiority complex. The athletic record in general is a little underwhelming, and some Canadians think that is because their countrymen prefer that, considering a good effort just as valuable as a trunkload of trophies, maybe better.


The Top Secret program does not appear to have extended to ice hockey, which has always been the great exception to the national culture of modesty, civility and pacifism. The game, especially the way the Canadians play it, is rugged and antagonistic, and may be the escape valve that makes Canadian niceness possible.

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  1. Fatima

    We Canadians did pretty well this year, wouldn’t you say?

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