Way better than Christmas

Want to know what I thought about Police Day? (It was a national holiday here today.) You can read all about it in The Faster Times:

Today Egyptians around the country have off from work and school in recognition of a new national holiday: Police Day. The Mubarak regime, it seems, has a sense of humor after all.

Or maybe it’s not meant to be ironic. Police play a crucial role in this country, which is, for all intents and purposes, a police state. The government wants to celebrate the police for making Egypt the country that it is today.

Read the rest here!


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One response to “Way better than Christmas

  1. Gogo

    You know that AUC had a Police Memorial event in honor of policemen who died on duty? I argued about it with Lisa Anderson, the Provost, to no end, and Philip also had an e-mail exchange with David Arnold (president of the univ.) that amounted to the same templates of bullshit. And they say this university has no political agenda.

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