The Times (UK) asks the tough questions

like, “Are Nile feluccas safe?

Yup, this is pretty much what Egypt looks like all the time.

A British tourist drowned in Upper Egypt when his felucca capsized during last week’s floods, which is, of course, why the Times cares. Basically, they just say “be careful.” Not that interesting.

I haven’t done a multi-day felucca trip in Upper Egypt (yet), but I’m a huge fan of felucca rides. For about ten dollars you can take them for a cruise around the Nile right in the middle of Cairo. Bring some snacks and some beers and you’re set. There are actually very few things I enjoy more than taking a peaceful nighttime ride on a sailboat around the main artery of this massive city.

And, now that the Times told me to, I’ll be careful!



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2 responses to “The Times (UK) asks the tough questions

  1. We’re considering a felucca trip for the next Cairo Tweetup. You game?

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