Negative reports

Zeinobia published an Egyptian Chronicle today lamenting the general loss of Egyptian dignity in the world. It’s impassioned, you should check it out. One bit stuck out at me:

There is not a week where you do not find a negative report about us in the international media tickling either our political dictatorship or our economic injustice or our falling part society. We have become a media sensation for sure for Western media , may be because we are open society than other societies in the region which usually more closed than us.

It’s an interesting point. She’s right that Egypt does get pretty uniformly trashed in world media. Either it’s stories about Egypt’s crushing poverty, its dictatorial government, or fallen-from-grandeur culture. And I’ll admit (though I’m not by any stretch of the imagination a part of the foreign media establishment) that these are the stories in Egypt that I’m attracted to, too. They are the most interesting.

At the same time, there are way more fucked up countries out there. There are places where poverty is worse, corruption is worse, regime brutality is worse, etc. Yet Egypt, because it’s a center and because it’s kind of open to the outside world, has all its dirty laundry aired to the public all the time. People only talk about what’s wrong with Egypt.


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  1. Gogo

    Interesting. So add this to your to-do list. Write a list of what’s right with Egypt. Yallah!

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