I guess you know you’ve settled in when the weeks start going by incredibly quickly, just like they do at home. It’s already the weekend again. How did that happen? Anyway, apologies for the light blogging. If this happens again, here are a few Egypt blogs I recommend to keep you company:

  • Egyptian Chronicles is one of my favorites. Zeinobia is always on top of the latest Egyptian news and she is relentless in her criticism of hypocrisy. And undogmatic! Great blog.
  • 3arabawy is another one of my staple Egyptian blogs. The author is Hossam el-Hamalawy. (Full dislcosure: he is my boss.) His perspective is distinctly Marxist, Trotskyist, in fact, but even a non-comrade like myself can get down with his daily links about human rights issues, workers strikes, and wankers. Beware of the death metal videos, though.
  • Sirgo’s Labyrinth is a pretty new blog, but Sarah El Sirgany, the author, writes thoughtful, longer posts about Egyptian and global news. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.
  • I’m also a big fan of The Boursa Exchage, a very well-written, often very funny blog about life in Cairo and Egyptian news. The perspective is definitely a Western (I’m pretty sure American) one and so I feel like I can relate to, like you know, trying to find a good cake pan in Cairo. TBE also translates Arabic newspapers sometimes, which I appreciate. Sometimes includes tangents on Arabic linguistics that are over my head.
  • I’ve said before that Cairo doesn’t deserve its reputation. But there is still plenty to complain about. Haisam Abu-Samra, writing on Buttfuck, Egypt, is brutal and hilarious in taking down whatever pisses him off at the moment. Written in flawless Superbad-speak. Sadly, Haisam hasn’t been blogging recently.
  • These days tons of students studying abroad maintain a blog as a way to keep in touch with their friends and families back home. Usually, they are pretty inane. Carl, on the other hand, manages to write interesting and thoughtful posts about his day-to-day life as a masters’ student at American University in Cairo. (Okay, I know, sometimes you don’t care what he had for dinner.) He also posts a handful of useful links. And he does it every single day, which is pretty impressive.

Obviously, there are probably hundreds or thousands of great blogs in Arabic. Sadly, at this point I can only skim. (Hmm… something he said something government something something Gamal Mubarak something something something.) Therefore, my blog roll is naturally limited.  There are also a ton of other blogs that I like about all kinds of things. But these are a few Egypt-specific blogs to get you started.

These recommendations are meant to supplement, not replace, Next Year In. So stay tuned.

PS: I once wrote a paper at Oberlin about the Egyptian blogosphere. I was looking for it while I wrote this post but I can’t find it. I wonder if it made any sense.



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2 responses to “Blogrolling

  1. silly native

    Great overview!
    Have you written this paper for Hist-122? I don’t recall. But you once wrote an e.mail about a few blogs including Arabist, Angry Arab, and KabobFest when we had a session on blogs in class.

  2. Max

    No, it was for a kind of mediocre comparative politics class I took sophomore year with a visiting professor. Hence why I can’t even remember what the paper was about.

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