Freeze means freeze

I mean, you, shitbird. -Herc and Carver

"I mean, you, shitbird." -Herc and Carver

That’s right.  Via J Street’s Twitter I learn that when the State Department says “freeze on settlement growth” they mean “yeah, seriously, freeze on settlement growth.” At least that’s what it seems like they’re saying.  The Jerusalem Post reports:

Jewish neighborhoods in east Jerusalem are included in the US demand that Israel halt “settlement” construction, including for natural growth, State Department spokesman Ian Kelly told The Jerusalem Post during a press briefing on Monday.

“We’re talking about all settlement activity, yes, in the area across the line,” he said, referring to neighborhoods in Jerusalem over the Green Line, or pre-1967 armistice line, in response to a question on where America’s calls to halt construction in the settlements would be applied.

That’s what they’re saying, at least.  JPost, of course, also points out that Kelly had nothing to say about a recent line item in the Israeli budget giving funding settlements in East Jerusalem.  Okay, maybe Hillary hasn’t gotten as tough as Herc and Carver.  Yet.


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  1. Joan Strasser

    I went to hear Ray McGovern (ex-CIA area chief) speak tonight, and on the topic of freezing settlement building he said “Now we’ll see what Obama is really made of.” Sounds like he’s off to a good start. Herc didn’t do so good in the end!

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