Jimmy Carter’s red lines?

Jimmy Carter yet again is heading to the Holy Land to pursue peace.  According to Haaretz he will be meeting with a whole crew of characters, including a leader from the settler movement.

Carter will meet with Shaul Goldstein, an official of the Yesha Council of Settlements, at his West Bank home on Sunday. The former president also plans to meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and President Shimon Peres during the trip.

Isn’t it funny that Carter would meet with Peres on his trip rather than Netanyahu, who actually holds power in the government?  But nobody–not even Jimmy “Turn the Other Cheek” Carter–wants to meet with Bibi.  I suspect that this is going to happen a lot.  Lieberman-Netanyahu are just too unpalatable. It’s not going to help the Israelis.


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