HM Abdullah meets with long-necked dictator

That looks sort of uncomfortable

That looks sort of uncomfortable

Syria’s President Bashar al Assad is in Amman today to prepare for the upcoming Arab summit in Qatar.  (I learn this via Syria Comment.)  The Reuters story doesn’t give any details of what’s on the agenda.  Naturally, the Jordan Times doesn’t either.

They are probably discussing a response to Gaza, the financial crisis, etc.  But I wonder if they’ll also be talking about Syrian-American relations.  Jordan often functions as an American proxy and it would probably be in King Abdullah’s best interest if Syria and the US could work together on some stuff.  The State Department announced a few weeks ago that the US is going to send two ambassadors to begin talks with the Syrian government.  I hope that we can count on King Abdullah to push things along.

Photo by Muhammed Hamed for Reuters.


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