Six years old: The war in Iraq

In case you forgot, the American invasion of Iraq began six years ago today.  Anniversaries are, I suppose, arbitrary ways to remember things.  But this means that the war has been going on for about 27% of my life.  As Spencer Ackerman put it on Twitter today, “If the Iraq war were a person it would be heading to second grade.”

I don’t have the time today to write an extensive post reflecting on the war.  (You can see last year’s here.)  Let’s just hope that American troops are out of Iraq before the war is the same age as a third grader.


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  1. cheers. and to those who say they didn’t see this disaster coming before the invasion, i can tell you you didn’t need much access to special information to see how wrong this war would be. i say that because it think we need to be skeptical before we all get behind a new military buildup in afghanistan as we enter this 7th year.

    i think most americans want us to stop bullying the neighborhood to gain legitimacy in the world, especially with the economy failures etc etc. and with an overstretched military, it’s hard to keep up the failed neo-conservative policies of the past 8 years!

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