My friends are less interesting than I thought

The New York Times dining section ran a story today about “Brooklyn’s new culinary movement”.  This “movement” is basically a bunch of Brooklyn hipsters who enjoy making traditional foods in traditional ways.  Beer, pickles, chocolate, cheese, meat. 

Believe it or not, I had somehow come to think that this was an Oberlin phenomenon.  My house has become a hub for pickling, preserving,cooking weird foods.  Someone made beer, there is a jar of chicken feet brining in the fridge, we’re going to make pancetta.  Wow! We’re gourmet!  We’re sustainable!  We’re cool!  But it turns out that we’re not nearly as unique as we thought.

Once something is in the New York Times, that officially means it is no longer underground.  Oh well.  

Just thought I’d share my dismay and disappointment.


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