Secretary Hillary talks to the netizens

Via the State Department’s Twitter I came across this press release.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had an online interview with a Chinese professor named Qi Ye.  The first question went like this:

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, first of all, let me thank you for having me be able to speak to the netizens – I like that phrase — and I am so pleased that you are focusing on such an important topic as energy efficiency and climate change.


SECRETARY CLINTON: In our own lives, we have tried to be much more conscious of what we should do. So, for example, we use compact fluorescent bulbs, which are less of a drain on the electricity grid. We have installed more high-energy resistant windows, more insulted windows. We have, obviously, insulated our utilities and our homes. We have also recycled, so that we are trying not to add to the landfill waste more than absolutely necessary.

And my husband, of course, with the Clinton Foundation, is running a climate change program with, I think, 40 cities around the world working on higher energy efficiency, and so much else. So, we have tried to do more, but we are constantly asking ourselves what more we can do.

Okay.  Whatever.  But couldn’t she have said, “We are trying to drive less”?  Come on, Madame Secretary!  That’s really what you should tell people.  Next time I hope she says: “I ride my bike to Foggy Bottom.”


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One response to “Secretary Hillary talks to the netizens

  1. Yeah I’m pretty sure Hillary’s a member of the Oberlin Bike Co-Op.

    Meanwhile, Chinese dissidents were under increased surveillance due to her visit.

    I can’t tell if they’re blaming Clinton or China in that article, but what’s clear is the horrible state of human rights in China right now and a failure to address that issue with this visit.

    – Jeff

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