Christopher Hitchens gets his ass kicked

It has been reported that Christopher Hitchens got his ass kicked in Beirut the other day.  Abu Muqawama has the story.  I am reproducing in full.

Can anyone in Beirut verify this?

“I dont know if you find this as news worthy or not, but Christopher Hitchens is currently in Beirut sponsored by the same group that owns that crap NOW Lebanon. He got in a few nights ago and surprisingly went out drinking. On his way out of the bar he saw an SSNP poster and wrote on it “Fuck the SSNP”. There just happened to be some SSNP thugs near by–most likely asking people for their ID, and most likely to no avail–and saw him write on the poster and kicked his ass. He is still walking with a limp.”

Update: This story has now been confirmed. Look, it’s widely known that since the May 2008 events the SSNP guys have behaved like thugs in Hamra (where the ass-kicking took place). But seriously, would you roll into East L.A. and start writing over gang signs? I mean, is that smart? C’mon, Brother Hitchens, we’re rootin’ for you, but have a little walkin’ around sense. He was probably at De Prague. Where the wait staff is, like, 90% SSNP. Abu Muqawama’s Top Three West Beirut Watering Holes: 1. Barometre (cheap arak, great fattoush); 2. Captain’s Cabin; 3. Danny’s. (In response to a reader, the great Chez Andre closed sometime a little over a year ago. That hole-in-the-wall was great.)

Obviously, Abu Muqawama knows far more about this than I do.  I’ve only been to Beirut once.  But when I was there it seemed pretty obvious that militia-type guys are everywhere in the city.  (For example, I was stopped by Hizballah, who asked for my ID and accused me of working for Mossad.)  Why didn’t Christopher Hitchens know any better?

Finally, I have to say that I have no love for the SSNP and no hate for Christopher Hitchens.  I think he’s funny, a great writer, and often right about stuff.  But as a bloated, drunk, belligerent British journalist, he makes an easy target.  Therefore I have to enjoy this story, just like I enjoyed when he had himself waterboarded.

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