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Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, has become the first of any college or university in the U.S. to divest from companies on the grounds of their involvement in the Israeli occupation of Palestine.”  I learn this via Kabobfest‘s Twitter feed and Mondoweiss.  As a student at a small liberal arts college, I take particular interest in this case.

I don’t think that divestment a la South Africa is going to achieve peace in Israel-Palestine.  I would rather work on a diplomatic solution to the conflict.  But this isn’t about what I think.  If the pro-Palestinian protest movement, which exists on Oberlin‘s campus and Hampshire‘s and in many other places across the country, decide that they want to start a large scale divestment campaign, it could send a serious message.

I can easily imagine a divestment movement here at Oberlin, though I’m not sure the administration would succumb.  But the mood on campus is pretty overwhelmingly anti-Zionist, and that mindset definitely dominates the activist community.  So beware.  Hampshire’s divestment could be a sign of things to come.


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  1. I would rather work on a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

    Sorry, not going to happen in our lifetimes 😦

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