Will.i.am is not Bob Dylan

The Daily Beast has a list of their favorite commercials from last night’s Superbowl.  The commercials are always my favorite part of the big game, especially when I don’t care about which team wins, as was the case last night.  But I’m going to take strong issue with The Beast’s choice of this Pepsi commercial as one of the top three:

I’ll grant that it’s a well directed advertisement.  The soundtrack, obviously, is very good.  And I’m sure it tugged on plenty of Boomers’ heart strings, you know?  But what the fuck is up with calling Will.i.am the Bob Dylan of my generation?  Man that pisses me off.

Will.i.am is fine, I guess.  I actually don’t like the Black Eyed Peas at all.  I particularly can’t stand that “Where is the Love?” song.  But whatever.  I guess they’re better than a lot of other Top 40 stuff out there.  But how can you compare Will.i.am to Dylan?  Bob Dylan’s appeal (and you old people out there can correct me if I’m wrong) was his anti-establishment attitude, his anger and his contempt, his willingness to throw himself into character.  That’s what makes Dylan, if I can cop Pepsi’s stupid phrase, “refreshing.”  And Will.i.am has none of those things.
Okay, the Yes We Can video was cool.  (His second Obama-promo was just too much, though.)  But Will.i.am is the establishment.  He is…

You know what?  Don’t read what I’m writing.  Watch these two videos, side by side, and you’ll understand:


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  1. Greg

    Also, I’m really excited for beer of the week. I hope you keep it going. I am now on the lookout for Bell’s Brewery products, although I’m not optimistic about my chances. I had their Third Coast Beer once. Pretty good.

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