Thrown Shoes and Public Art

Remember when  Muntadhar al Zaedi threw his shoes at George W. Bush?  We all do.  But now it will live on and on for generations.

Apparently, a giant bronze sculpture of a shoe was erected in Tikrit (Saddam’s hometown) in honor of the shoe thrower.  The AP has the story.

Photo from AP

Photo from AP

Update: I forgot to mention when I posted before, but I had my own experience with shoe throwing and public art.  When I was in DC for the inauguration I was driving in the car with my friend Sarah and when we came to Dupont Circle, there was a huge inflatable effigy of George W. and everyone was throwing shoes at it.  Sarah said to me, “You know, we’re only a few miles from the White House, right?”  Weird.

But, as I said before, that’s what you get when you’re the most despised man in the world.


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