A look into the West Bank

60 Minutes ran a long segment about Israel-Palestine last night and it’s totally worth checking out.  The link is here (I can’t embed for some reason), but I should warn you that it’s about fifteen minutes long and CBS makes you watch a thirty second commercial first.  Watch it anyway.  It’s good.

This piece is critical of Israel is a way that you rarely see in American mainstream media.  (In Europe–and certainly the Middle East–I think that this kind of criticism isn’t unusual.)  I’m sure a lot of people are complaining that this is one-sided journalism, anti-Zionism, propaganda, etc.  But it’s not.  It’s good, honest to God, on the ground reporting.  And I have to say that the picture you get of the West Bank here–and it’s not a pretty one–is exactly what I saw when I traveled around the area last year.

I also appreciate the way that Bob Simon takes on the settlements.  This is a serious issue, possibly the greatest roadblock to a peace deal (though there are others of course) and I sort of doubt that most Americans even know what the settlements are.  But Simon makes clear what their purpose is and how they function.

On that note, I have a caveat:  Daniella Weiss and the other settlers in the video do not represent the views of every Israeli living in the West Bank.  There are a lot of Jews in suburbs east of Jerusalem who are there because it is cheap and they are poor, not because they believe that clinging to the soil of the Holy Land.  That is not to say that I want them there.  I think that all Jews should move out of the West Bank as soon as possible.  But even in this, which seems like the most cut and dry of those in Israel-Palestine, I want people to appreciate the complexity.

Anyway, watch the video.


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