Fad diet?

Badger over at missing links had this to say about my favorite national security/Middle East intellectuals:

So it is that the savvy readers of the center-left have been put on an information diet that somewhat resembles that of the neo-cons during the Bush years: Whatever the American administration and the American president does is to be honored for the good intentions that they represent: Allies like Israel are to be supported; expressions of the “hearts-go-out” type are to be accepted as if they were “overwhelmingly significant” policy statements; “racism” and “militarism” in connection with American policy are expressions that are to be avoided. And so on.

My theory is that what was called the center-left has become the new neo-con movement. It says–by what it collectively trumpets and by what it collectively leaves out–that what has been achieved in our democracy is a sufficient remedy for the major ills of the present, provided that our institutions, and particularly our president, are given sufficient time to proceed in their deliberate fashion. Everything else is overblown rhetoric.

I’m not sure if this center-left is going to maintain the status quo to such an extent.  It’s possible, but we should wait and see.  Besides, I generally agree with Spencer Ackerman or Marc Lynch.

But it is interesting nonetheless to think about the center-left taking the place of the neocons.  It’s never good to get all of your information from just one place, but wouldn’t you rather trust Marc Lynch or Juan Cole–people who speak Arabic, are knowledgable about Islam, have spent time in the region–over Richard Perle?


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