Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood

Al Jazeera is reporting that my old friends the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood are leading large pro-Hamas demonstrations in Amman.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political movement in Jordan happens to be one of the few topics about which I really know anything.  (In fact, I’ve interviewed two of people in the above Al Jazeera video.)  Despite that, I don’t think that I really have much to offer beyond what Al Jazeera’s correspondent said.  This is the kind of clever politicking that the Jordanian monarchy has mastered.  Last week a Jordanian MP burned an Israeli flag inside the parliament building.  King Abdullah cannot seem like he’s soft on the Israelis in response to Gaza.

So he lets the Brotherhood stage protests.  He gives them just enough power that Brotherhood supporters can’t get too furious and Jordanians can express their outrage at Israel.  But it doesn’t mean that the Islamic Action Front (the Brotherhood’s political wing in Jordan) will be able to participate freely in elections and it doesn’t mean that the Kingdom is about to revoke its peace treaty with Israel.


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