Another victory for the anti-fun brigade

Two cans of pure fun

Two cans of pure fun

Just came across this article a few minutes ago (thanks to MDH) that says that MillerCoors lost a lawsuit and will be required to take the caffeine, ginseng, and taurine out of Sparks, the boozy energy drink.  Sparks without caffeine is just a weird orange beer.  Needless to say, I am pissed.

The AP story says, “Groups say these drinks target young drinkers, even those underage, because those consumers are already drawn to highly caffeinated drinks like Red Bull.”  But what does that even mean?  I am 22 years old and, like many people I know, a devoted (if infrequent)  Sparks fan.  True, I’m young, but so what?  

What happens in five years when all of the fifteen year olds to whom Sparks is supposedly marketing itself are old enough to drink?  They can’t have it.  Because a bunch of health advocates and attorneys general think that energy drinks are for people of a younger generation.


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One response to “Another victory for the anti-fun brigade

  1. Greg

    Those motherfuckers!

    I think I might buy up a couple cases and keep them somewhere safe. Seems like a good investment if there really will be hordes of young people jonesin’ for a fix of sweet sweet caffeinated guarana and taurine-infused liquid balls.

    Props on proper pluralization of attorney general.

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