Welcome back

College is over for the summer (read my thoughts about that on the Oberlin College admissions blog) and I can finally devote myself full time to screwing around on the Internet, at least until I leave for the Middle East in a few weeks.

A few quick thoughts to share:

  • I’m really glad that John McCain finally rejected John Hagee’s endorsement. Hagee is a bigot and his brand of fundamentalist Christian Zionism is not good for America, Israel or anyone in the Middle East. I hope, but don’t expect, that Joe Lieberman will get the picture soon, too.
  • I feel (sort of) bad for Ms. Emily Gould, who exposed her entire life to the world in the New York Times Magazine. But didn’t she realize that oversharing about her oversharing might not be the best way to solve her oversharing problems?
  • It’s good to see that Lebanon is getting back in order even if the new arrangement is good for Hizballah.
  • I think that Syria will recognize Israel by the end of 2008. I base this partially on the negotiations that are going on now, but more just on my own gut feeling.
  • I am growing to hate Hillary Clinton more than ever before.

Future posts will be more coherent.


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  1. MDH

    When I finished reading Emily Gould’s article, my jaw hurt from too much clenching. Jeez Louise, it was like sooo menopausal, but that dude Josh is a dick.

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