The Return of the Lost Tribe

Jake Watters rock star

Good news.  Jake Watters (above) can come to visit me in Jerusalem this summer. He’s even going to get Birthright Israel to pay for it.  Who cares if they’re ideologically questionable!

You might be saying, “What? This man looks Asian, not Jewish.”  Well, Arimasa Kubo, “a Japanese Christian writer living in Japan” thinks he has discovered that the Japanese are the lost tribe of Israel.  Check out his theories here. I am not agreeing with his ideas, but check ’em out.

Although he is only half Japanese, it is thankfully the maternal half. In fact, if there were an Orthodox Jew who subscribed to Arimasa Kubo’s theory, Jake might actually be more Jewish than I am!

The real question is, What will Birthright say?



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2 responses to “The Return of the Lost Tribe

  1. Sarah

    can i come visit too?

  2. Hi,
    I just learned about the death of Dr. John Watters who passed away in 1995. It makes me wery sad to learn about his passing 14 years later. I believe that Dr. John Watters was the father of Jake Watters.
    I got to know John Watters as his room-mate in 1977, at the University of Michigan. We were both in the Community Psychology program at the time. I was about 22 years old, and I believe that his son, Jake, is now 22 years old. I am really deeply sorry about your loss Jake.

    I am hoping that you,Jake, will receive this email and contact me. I am a psychologist and living with my wife and two kids in Pasadena,Ca. I am curious about your interest in your heritage. Your Dad often talked about matters like this and many other subjects of notable interest. Anyway, if you get the urge to talk to someone who really knew your dad very well when he as a young man don’t hesitate to e-mail me.

    God bless you and make his face to shine upon you.

    Robert Trujillo

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