Happy Holidays!

I apologize for the hiatus from the blogosphere. (Did you notice?) I’ve been writing papers about Nietzsche and historiography, the ‘origins’ of the Cold War, just war in the twenty-first century, and all sorts of other bullshit that is just a little too boring to blog about. But I had to post today, in honor of three reasons that make May 1 a special day.

May Day
It is May Day. I always wished that I celebrated this holiday for workers and communist. I think it’s still observed in Latin America, though. Anyway, I recommend a Mother Lager from the Magic Hat Brewery in Burlington, VT.

Today is the five year anniversary of the end of major combat operations in Iraq.”What the hell are you talking about?” you might say. But it’s true. General George W. Bush said so himself on the aircraft carrier. Watch it here:

Also, read Juan Cole’s excellent commentary on this somber occasion here.


Finally it is the birthday of a very fine squirrel, who has unfortunately disappeared from New York City. I suspect that he’s lost on the Continent.


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