Matt Drudge says, “BE SCARED!”

The Drudge Report leads with this story by Reuters, which says that new statistics from the Vatican indicate that for the first time in recorded history, there are more Muslims than Roman Catholics. (There are still more Christians overall, though. Thank Goodness!)

The important thing here is how Drudge chooses to present the story. He writes, “MUSLIMS MORE NUMEROUS THAN CATHOLICS” along with this frightening picture of what is presumably a would-be suicide bomber:

Is this fair journalism? Am I being some kind of over-sensitive pansy? Or is this really alrmist, racist, propaganda that perpetuates a dangerous myth about a Crusade-like clash of civilizations? Or maybe it’s somewhere in between. Maybe this is just another good example of the biases that are unfortunately, unproductively common in mainstream media.



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7 responses to “Matt Drudge says, “BE SCARED!”

  1. ben

    i’m not so sure i completely agree with you here, max. i hate to give drudge the benefit of the doubt, and i don’t doubt that he might want to scare the world with news that muslims are taking over, but i don’t think he is doing that with this particular picture (at least not a good job, anyway). in fact, i find that this picture is less negative than you say. i was more stuck by the almost sympathetic eyes of this woman, and was reminded of the iconic national geographic portrait of sharbat gula (yes, i did just look up her name). i found it to be less an example of fear mongering, and almost humanizing (but maybe i am the naive one, we are after all talking about matt drudge).

  2. r

    The Drudge Report gets so many hits because it breaks the “big stories” first. This is the same guy who published a story about Prince Harry being in Afghanistan. Its apparent he cares first and foremost about getting hits to his website.

    He can’t always have stories that big. So he often sensationalizes articles to make them seem significant.

    I think the “MUSLIMS MORE NUMEROUS THAN CATHOLICS” does have racist implications and is meant to stir up fear. The reuters article linked to has no picture and he specifically picked the one that yells “BE SCARED” rather than something neutral and accurate.

  3. Claude

    Max says: “Am I being some kind of over-sensitive pansy?”

    Pansy? Why use an anti-gay slur to get your point across? And this coming so soon after you laughed at over-sensitive emos being bashed. For shame.

  4. Claude

    You tagged this thread “subtle racism”. Why not add “subtle homophobia”? I am not suggesting you are homophobic, just that you should be attuned to how words like “pansy” have historically been used as an affront to gay men. Again, I doubt that you meant it that way, but just something you should think about.

  5. Max

    Point taken, Claude. Here at Oberlin we are all frequently reminded to be careful about the language that we use.

    I do think you missed my point on the emo kids, though…

  6. Noor.D

    this article was obviously writen by an anti-islamic person.

    instead of making it seem like muslims are taking over as if were marching in other countries and forcing Islam with a sword, this fact should make him wanna know more about a the fastest growing religion in the world…and that their should be a pretty good reason that people are converting into it (which no way could be because Islam support terrorisim or is threatning in any way).

    as for the picture as ben said its the contrary to being threatning, i found the picture very soft and tender, and if anyone can read arabic the words on the head band say:
    “Oh Prophet Of Allah”

    nothing threatning about that.

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