Shout out!

To my boys and girls in the Dirty Jerz. I’m stuck out here in the Midwest, but it’s good to see you are representing on the homefront.

Aviva Kushner, who is coincidentally, my rabbi’s daughter, writes to Baristanet:

My name’s Aviva Kushner, I am actually a student at Rutgers University-New Brunswick, and I just took part in an AMAZING, unbelievable, and inspiring walk-out/rally against the war. Thousands of students and faculty walked out of class at 1:23 PM and gathered at the Vietnam War Memorial to listen to speeches from Iraq veterans, Vietnam veterans, students who grew up in Iraq amidst warfare, mothers of killed soldiers, and more while news helicopters hovered over the scene.From there, we marched down George Street and stopped at the intersection of George Street and Albany Street (one of the busiest intersections in New Brunswick) and sat down for five minutes in silence for the five years in Iraq. This caused a great deal of traffic, but most of the people who were stopped at the traffic lights didn’t honk, but instead got out of the cars, sat on their roofs and took pictures with their camera phones.

Word. Well done, guys.


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