Better without emos

I feel sort of guilty saying this, but this piece in Time about emo teenagers in Mexico City getting beat up is a little hilarious. Or maybe I’m just a jock.

The attackers, catalogued as “anti-emos,” include some from other urban tribes such as punks, metallers and cholos but many are just ordinairy working-class teenagers and young men. They deride the emos for being posers who are overly sentimental and accuse them of robbing from other music genres. With roots in Washington, D.C., in the 1980s, emo bands play a style of rock that borrows much from punk and indie rock. They focus on exploring their emotions (hence the name) with a particular dwelling on typical teenage depression.

I have a vague recollection of my mom asking me and my sister, “What’s an emo?” at some point when we were in high school.  Now she knows.

The most important question, of course, is what would Ian Mackaye do?



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3 responses to “Better without emos

  1. Claude

    Well, you should feel guilty about saying it – there is nothing “hilarious” about this.

    Do you think Paki-bashing is funny? How about fag-bashing? Or painting swastikas in public places?

    Not cool to laugh about violence against any fringe or disenfranchised groups. Or, for that matter, to laugh about violence against anyone.

  2. Max

    I agree. It’s not cool to laugh at fringe or disenfranchised groups. Obviously the violence is deplorable. What IS funny, for someone my age, is the Time piece’s discussion of popular culture, which sounds simplistic and out of touch. I should have made that more clear in my post.

  3. Fredje

    I dunno .. strikes me as a very positive sign for economic and social development the Mexico even *has* emos to beat up! Considering Mexico’s history, and current 2,000-dead-a-year drug wars, it’s a pretty low level of aggression.

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