“Obama is a mack daddy!”

Want to see the latest endorsement for Hillary?  No, I’m kidding.  I won’t engage in that kind of smear campaign.  Nonetheless, this guy is worth checking out if you want to understand the scope of insanity that exists within the world.  Maybe Rev. Wright isn’t actually that bad.

Disclaimer:  I think this is some of the most outrageous, offensive material I have seen so far in this campaign and I realize that it actually has no bearing on anything.  It’s worth checking out, though.



Filed under American Politics

2 responses to ““Obama is a mack daddy!”

  1. greg

    I truely feel sorry for you.

  2. Max

    Why do you “truely feel sorry for” me? Perhaps I need to reiterate: I do NOT share Rev. Manning’s views. I think he is a total nut job. But it’s sort of funny. That’s all.

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