McCain: Muslims are supporting the Muslims…I mean, Muslims.

John McCain was in Amman today and made a “gaffe” that I think offers us serious insight into the delusional mind of the possible President of the United States.

Oh my God. Are you fucking serious? Is it really possible that the experience candidate, the war man, the national security guy, the Senator who says that we should stay in Iraq for a hundred years DOES NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SHIITE AND A SUNNI? Is this actually possible? Really? I can’t believe it.

So what does this say about John McCain? Has he successfully oversold his foreign policy credentials? Have we confused his patriotism or service during Vietnam or his old age with a genuine knowledge of foreign policy? Maybe.

Or maybe we just never realized before that McCain, like Bush, sees the world in a black and white in which, good fights evil and America fights Islam. No matter that the war in Iraq has actually become a civil war BETWEEN Al Qaeda and Iran or that he is supported by people who are amping up the rhetoric against Iran. McCain hate ’em all.

While I am wary of echoing Democratic talking points I believe that this indicates that there is something seriously wrong with John McCain’s claim of the role National Security Candidates. Would a McCain Administration just be another four years of Bush-like ignorance and belligerence? I hope not. But McCain’s words while he was in Jordan give me little faith.

In case you haven’t seen this one yet:

Not that funny.


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