It’s not easy being green…

…on St. Patrick’s Day.  Slate’s Green Lantern explores what is the most environmentally sustainable way to drink beer this St. Patrick’s day.

The simplest answer is, as always, think globally, drink locally.  I will be enjoying a Conway’s Irish Ale or an Edmund Fitzgerald Porter from Cleveland’s Great Lakes Brewing Company. If you want suggestions for the best local brews near you, I’d be more than obliged.



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3 responses to “It’s not easy being green…

  1. MDH

    At least we can agree on beer. Conway’s, and Irish Ales in general are some of favs. Have you ever tried Smithwicks?

  2. Max Strasser

    Smithwick’s is not bad, though according to beer guru Michael Jackson, “It is brewed from Pale Ale malt, roasted barley and 20 per cent corn syrup…” I usually try to not drink beer made with corn syrup. (See what else he has to say about Irish ales, here:

    I think Conway’s is great, though. There aren’t that many American microbrews making good Irish ales.

  3. Amiel

    Hi. So I like live in Oberlin, Ohio which is about an hour and a half west of Akron, Ohio. Do you know of any good local breweries? I love nature.

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