Problem Set

Haaretz quotes Ehud Olmert responding to statements from the EU‘s Slovenian presidency and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon this way:

In response to criticism from abroad that Israel is using excessive force in Gaza and killing civilians, Olmert said at the meeting: “Israel is defending its residents in the South, and with all due respect, nothing will prevent it from defending them, and no one has a right to preach to us for acting in self-defense.”
(It’s at the bottom of the story.)

While Al Jazeera quotes Olmert this way:

Ehud Olmert, Israel’s prime minister, said: “Nothing will prevent us from continuing activities to defend our residents. No one has the right to preach morals to the state of Israel for taking elementary steps of self-defence.”

(It’s in this story.)

The quotes are essentially the same and it’s probably just a matter of translation, though Haaretz includes “with all due respect” and Al Jazeera adds “morals.” But since I happened to be reading the two stories simultaneously, my eye caught the discrepancy.

Does this represent: a) the imperfection of language? b) the innate bias of the media? Or c) the multiple realities created by the pluralization of communication in our postmodern society?

I don’t know. But it’s something to think about.


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