Dirty Jerz

NEW JERSEY (107 pledged delegates)Clinton starts with an advantage here, since she’s well known for representing neighboring New York. She’s been promoting her plan to improve the economy, especially among women who have been hardest hit.

But the Obama campaign predicts the election will be closer than many people anticipate, particularly with a large number of black voters in the state.

Obama drew thousands to a rally in Jersey City the day after his loss in New Hampshire, and he has the backing of some big-city mayors who are helping him organize. He is running television advertising in New York and Philadelphia, two expensive media markets that cover most of New Jersey.



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2 responses to “Dirty Jerz

  1. ryan hickey

    1. Bad news for the Clintons if this article from tomorrows NYT picks up steam:

    2. Putting the snub rumor to rest, someone send Chris Matthews this:

    3. Obama is in New Mexico this week, possible Richardson endorsement?

    4. Good news for obama in california: (although i’m not sure how much this helps since a good portion of their primary was done through absentee ballots weeks ago)
    California: Clinton 43% Obama 40%

    5. Not sure how credible this is, but Edwards endorsement before Super Tuesday seems unlikely:

    Obama needs to come up big tomorrow night at the debates and nab a few more endorsements because it’s impossible to tell where the Edwards votes are going.

  2. Annie-Rose

    If this gets more press, Obama will definitely win. Who can resist THIS?

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