Why I am not a creative writing major

Here is a note that my sister received from her creative writing professor along with a link to this program from PBS.

If you missed this program, it’s worth watching – or downloading the transcript when it becomes available next week. You no doubt know this phenomenon from the inside. Which doesn’t mean you know it objectively. Watching this program the other night, I felt not only horror but the disorientation that comes from being confronted with something for which one has no categories. Except, tentatively, “neo-medievalism” – the independent, bourgeois self is relinquished before it is even formed; its definition and status are left entirely to others. That aspect of adolescence which seeks approval from one’s peer-group triumphs over, is in fact confused with, that other aspect, which seeks a self or soul distinct from others. Something else seemed evident as I watched: these kids want to become products, commodities – to be what they spend their lives wanting and buying. All of which makes life difficult for a creative writing professor, who asks students to probe and explore a self they may no longer value, or even have.

Name Withheld


I mean, I have plenty of problems with the Internet and technology and how they are affecting my generation, but that kind of wholesale condescension that Professor Weenie Intellectual, PhD displays is just plain stupid.


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  1. Annie-Rose

    this guy sounds like a douche

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