State of the Onion

George W. Who? Oh yeah. He’s still the president still, right? I’ve been so wrapped up in this election stuff that I almost forgot that we already have a president. The State of the Union just ended and I feel… believe it or not almost a little bad for Mr. Bush. CNN’s White House correspondent just said, “You know, we had low expectations and I think he met them.” I’m actually, believe it or not, feeling a little bad for Mr. Bush. He’s weak, he’s useless, he’s just getting kicked around left and right. Granted, he deserves it. After spying on his citizens, starting a disastrous war in Iraq, sanctioning torture, aggressively opposing environment protection… I could go on.

Bush said two things in his speech that surprised me. First of all, he mentioned the genocide in Darfur. This was politically unnecessary as very few people in the United States really care about Darfur. It was, nonetheless, the morally responsible thing to do. In mentioning the genocide he helped to bring it into the discussion in American politics, making it more likely that congress will actually act and help to prevent more people from dying.  The other thing that Bush said was that he is committed to the creation of a democratic Palestine living side by side with a democratic Israel.  Honestly, it’s too little too late, but again when the President of the United States–even an unpopular, incompetent president–says something in front of the entire American government, it helps emphasize its important.  In fact, Bush’s call to create a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was the only ambitious statement in his otherwise extremely modest speech.

But don’t worry.  I’m not turning into a Bush supporter or anything.



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  1. One of my professors also blogged about the address, which I didn’t end up watching myself. In any case, it’s an interesting post:

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