Yes we can!

  • Maybe I buy into the mainstream media hype too much, but I was starting to lose my faith in Barack.  But after last night I am ready to believe again.  His victory speech was pure brilliance.  Andrew Sullivan called it his best ever and I have to agree.  Maybe even the best speech I have ever seen from a politician in my lifetime.  
  • Helen and I both made small contributions this morning.  You can too.  Every little bit helps.   
  • In case you missed the speech, here it is:  

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One response to “Yes we can!

  1. Noor Darwazeh

    Barack: “they need us to put an end to a war that should never been authorized and should never been waged”

    Amen for that.
    Great speach…hopefuly he CAN change the bad reputation of America and stop the craziness thats been going on for the last EIGHT years in the world.

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