“This is to light Gaza”

Over the past few days I have noticed an interesting phenomenon on Facebook.  Many of my friends from Jordan have changed their profile picture to this image:  This is to light Gaza  What is the point in changing one’s profile picture to a candle and the phrase “This is to light Gaza”? I’m not exactly sure.  My interpretation is that it’s about solidarity.  It’s an interesting phenomenon, a kind of 21st century adaptation of the black ribbons that High School students to protest the War in Vietnam. More on Gaza later. 



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3 responses to ““This is to light Gaza”

  1. I guess it is for solidarity with Gaza, it’s also a sort of peaceful protest of what’s going on.
    A digital online vigil if you may. It means a lot

  2. Noor Darwazeh

    i did change both my profile picture and my status several times due to the covered-up genoside happening in Gaza.

    although i didnt use the particular picture you used in your post but it was very important for me to show my DEEP respect and support for what the people there are going through espichally with the building frustration from world leaders watching from a distance and the fact that i cant do anything about it.

    i guess facebook is more powerful than we think!
    which is amazing…one channel that gives us freedom of speach (atleast to a certain point).

  3. Randa

    True – this is just a silent protest, no flag burning and no outrageousness – its also a silet note to everyone in Gaza that they are not forgotten and we are supporting them. This does not mean we’re not trying to send in food and medical supplies and to be “literally” helping ofcourse…

    But, personally, it would mean a lot to me if my country was going through a rough time and everytime i log on i find flags of my country and people supporting us… Not that im a big facebook fan, but since its the latest craze, u might as well get people’s attention to whats going on out there through it… 🙂

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