Start saving up

I know that I will.  Because Carlsberg has just released the world’s most expensive beer at $400 a bottle.  (See the Bloomberg story here.)  Vintage No. 1, which “contains hints of prune, caramel, vanilla and oak…” and “goes well with cheeses and desserts,” doesn’t actually sound like my kind of beer.  Probably a bit sweet and syrupy.

Nonetheless, the beer’s release is an interesting development for the beer world.  Carlsberg’s market share in their native Denmark has been decreasing as microwbreweries specializing in gourmet beer gain customers.  The Danish beer giant’s new appreciation of specialty brews proves that if the big companies want to continue to be successful then they have to accommodate beer drinkers’ increasingly successful tastes.

And an extra five points goes to whoever finds the error in the story.  Leave a comment.


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One response to “Start saving up

  1. levi

    20,000 kroner

    shouldn’t it be 2,000

    i love max strasser

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